Chibougamau: a snowmobiler rescued on Lake David

Chibougamau: a snowmobiler saved on Lake David

MISE & Agrave ; DAY

A snowmobiler spent several hours on the ice of Lake David, southwest of Chibougamau, after falling into the freezing water when his device broke the ice on Saturday afternoon. & Nbsp;

“The snowmobile ended up underwater, but the snowmobiler managed to get to the surface thanks to his floating suit,” explains the spokesperson for the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), Hélène Nepton.

He then managed to slip on a thin layer of ice and contact the emergency services around 12:30 pm since it was too risky for him to move on his own. His friends, firefighters and police worked together to lift the man out of the water, onto a safe surface.

But due to the fragility of the ice, the man had to wait about two hours before being rescued, in a wet suit.

Suffering from hypothermia, the snowmobiler was taken back to the hospital, but we would not fear for his life. & nbsp; “He has been very lucky, ”says Nepton.

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