Chicken to go : the rotisseries have become popular in the Mauricie region

Poulet pour emporter : les rôtisseries ont la cote en Mauricie

Roasting of the Mauricie region have recorded an increase of up to 60 % for deliveries and orders during the pandemic.

This is the case of Rotisseries Fusee, whose total revenue jumped 30%. To meet the demand, the roaster, has had to reassign staff, hire in haste couriers and acquire new cars for delivery.

Members of the personnel, including the president of the chain, have been called to bring the hand to the dough in the kitchen.

“We had a few adjustments. I went back behind the deep fat fryers one day, on Mothers day. I returned to my old loves,” said Roger Lavergne, president of les Rôtisseries Fusée, which includes 22 restaurants and 350 employees in Québec.

“Beyond that, we laugh, but our staff has been really very collaborator”, he added.

The restaurant St-Hubert in Shawinigan, it has recorded a 50% increase of its orders, which has mitigated the impact of the forced closure of its dining room.

At the beginning the delivery time could reach up to two hours, but the clients, we are assured, were ready to wait to get their meal.

The franchisee shawiniganais describes its employees, particularly the cooks, like “true warriors”.

“At the level of the decision for take-out orders, instead of having three servants, they were up to seven or eight to do the job,” said John Nadeau, owner of the restaurant.

Fortunately, despite the high demand, there has been no break in the supply. Chicken farmers have been able to cope with it.

These establishments will now take steps to be able to comply with the instructions for the re-opening of the dining rooms June 15. The owner of the Saint-Hubert has entrusted to us as regular clients, without going so far as to reserve their table, have warned that they would be back in the upswing.

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