Child care costs paid employees

Les frais de garderie des employés payés

A boss of a SME which has paid 100 % of child care costs of its workers from the beginning of the pandemic is estimated to have a turnover of $ 60 million because it treats its employees.

“Our program of day care would cost us a good 50 000 $. It is nothing. I find it hard to understand those who have had the misery to find the daily $ 14 or $ 15 per hour. This is normal, Mcdonald’s pays more than that ! Ours are starting to 25-30 $ and it goes up to $ 50 per hour, ” says the Journal Yves Dandurand CEO of Adfast.

Founded by his father in 1978, the corporate assembly of mechanical fasteners, and tools, and took to the skies in 1996 as a manufacturer of adhesives. His name Adfast comes from the English, (ADhesive) and (FASTener).

Today, the SME is one of the largest manufacturers of sealant to the country with 125 employees in three factories in Saint-Laurent and eight sales centers and distribution in North America.

The company is disturbing the giants of european and japanese, who dream of the swallow.

“It is normal that they would want to buy from us : we are poaching their customers. We were offered $ 80 million before the crisis, ” he breathed.

No bill

In the eyes of the boss of Adfast, its daycare program has nothing exceptional. When asked if he requires the bills of its employees before repaying them, he answers that he does not feel the need.

“It doesn’t go. We are not going to check. These are honest people here. They have been there for years. They don’t want to cheat the company, ” he says.

Two steps from him, to the home, its coordinator, customer service, Marta Biffi, says spontaneously to his experience, which made her jealous around her during the confinement.

“I have a daughter of seven years. It was not easy to return so quickly. There was no more school, family, or childcare. It has allowed me to continue to work without having to take care of my daughter “, she says, reassured her to know that she will be able to enjoy it again, in the case of the second wave.

A vision that stands out

Beyond childcare expenses, the corporate vision of Adfast claimed by its leader clashes with that of other SMES in manufacturing.

“If you create a machine to make money, and that it has just two or three people, you have no right to exist. You use what ? You have to give back to the world that is extremely rich and it makes everyone uncomfortable “, falling leaves Yves Dandurand.

Several times during the interview, the entrepreneur says that his turnover of $ 60 million has nothing to do with him, but it reflects the sense of pride of the factory workers.

“It is extremely cost-effective. Not because there are two or three people at the top who are geniuses, but because we mobilized our world. When one gains, everyone gains. It immediately increases the salaries, ” he continued.

More rewarding

At the transition, the CEO colorful barks bosses who flaunt their wealth by saying that he does not dream of having a house “as big as a school or a boat” and that it is more rewarding to create good jobs.

“Every employee is a decision maker, an innovator. Listen-the. It is on the production line. He sees things. If you don’t listen, you’ll miss information. If you have four levels of hierarchy, it will never work, ” he says, sketching a smile through his mask.

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