Child care facilities that are ready to reopen

Des garderies qui sont prêtes à rouvrir

Equipped with masks, visors and even lamps to UV rays, at a private daycare centre has spared no effort to be ready to receive the little ones in this day of re-opening in the Greater Montreal area.

“I don’t want to give the virus to the door,” says timidly, Lara Christian, 5 years old.

Robes of snow remind us that the closure was drastic in march.

She twists the bottom of her shirt, looking at the lockers refurbished to ensure that every child has his stock of pencils and Legos. But it does not touch any of the toys with which she had used to play before, obviously driven to the new health rules by his parents.

Lara is one of hundreds of children in the metropolitan area which will pass today the first day to daycare since confinement.

The nursery Orchard House in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce has agreed to open its doors yesterday to show all the measures in place to limit the risk of contamination.

On the hooks, overalls snow were still suspended, recalling at which point everything stopped drastically in march last.


Today, only 16 children will be present on the approximately 140 that the facility usually houses, writes the founder Yasmine Ghandour.

The yard has been divided so that several groups can play at the same time without contacts.

The yard has been divided so that several groups can play at the same time without contact and without going through the same door.

This private daycare centre that is not subsidised is even lucky to have a system of ventilation by displacement, the kind of development that one finds in hospitals, ” said Imad Khalil, director of operations.

In the office, covers faces, visors, and glasses are stacked on the table, of the equipment obtained through its own controls and to the connections of some of the parents, ” says Mr. Khalil.

The owners are even equipped with ultraviolet lamps, and a spray for times when it would be necessary to push the disinfection further than the cleaning mitten.

In general, most of the daycares and CPES have received all the protective equipment provided by the ministry of the Family.

“We’re ready and we can’t wait,” says Mona Borrega, vice-president of the Association des garderies privées du Québec.

Remains that there are very few schools that will not reopen today, as their office coordinator has not delivered the equipment on time”, says Marie-France Collin, president of the Coalition of child care private non-subsidized.

Parents hesitant

“Parents are very scared. The answer is very shy to date,” said Ms Collin.

In its own nursery located at Blanville, it doesn’t even reach the number of children maximum allowed by the government, which is 30% to 50% of the occupancy rate as usual.

This shyness is certainly not shared by Sophie Thiffault, the mother of Lara. “I have no concern. Already before, we could eat on the floor so it was clean.”

As to rub shoulders with educators that are hidden, it is now over a month that Lara is accustomed to see people with the face covered, she adds.

The small really needs the interaction with friends his own age, insists Ms. Thiffault. “It was 5 years ago and she was beginning to speak as his brothers and sisters are teenagers.”

“The small ones are great, they have adapted. And educators too,” says Geneviève Bélisle, executive director of the Association québécoise des CPE. She gives as an example those who have had the idea to bring a photo of them without a mask or even to get a cover face transparent to not interfere with the language development of their young people.

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