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Child pornography: opening of an investigation against a cartoonist

Child pornography: opening of an investigation against a cartoonist


An investigation into the dissemination of child pornography was opened this week in France against the author of comic books Bastien Vivès and two of his publishing houses, after a complaint was filed at the end of December by a child protection association.

This preliminary investigation, entrusted to the Brigade for the Protection of Minors, targets the 38-year-old author, the Glénat and Les Requins Marteaux editions, which published three of his works in 2011 and 2018, the prosecution told AFP on Friday. of Nanterre in the Paris region and a source familiar with the matter.

Contacted, Bastien Vivès and the two publishing houses did not respond to AFP's requests.

Bastien Vivès apologized in December, assuring on Instagram that he “at no time wanted to hurt victims of crimes and sexual abuse”, and he “condemned pedocrime as well as its apology and trivialization”.

These comics “deliver representations of minors, in sexually explicit situations, undoubtedly presenting a pornographic character”, according to the complaint.

One of them, Petit Paul, represents “a 10-year-old child undergoing sexual acts by adults”, notably commented to AFP Clémence Lisembard, director of operations for Foundation for Children.

There has pornographic comics, showing consenting adults, but the concern here is that it's a 10-year-old minor being raped and 'incested', when he says he's not from agreement in the bubbles, continued Ms. Lisembard.

Another association, Innocence in Danger, also filed a complaint with the Paris prosecutor's office at the end of December, considering that these three comics were part of the dissemination of child pornography images, but also of incitement to commit sexual assaults on minors. and the dissemination to a minor of violent messages.

At this stage, the complaint in Paris has not been joined to the investigations in Nanterre. However, the lawyer for Innocence in Danger Delphine Girard welcomed the opening of the investigation, hoping that “effective prosecutions will follow and that the rights of children will be respected”.

“It is not bearable that we can undermine the representation of minors and that images of sexual abuse, under the pretext of humor, can be broadcast,” Me Girard told AFP on Friday.

These complaints have reignited the controversy around his works, presented by his readers as simple gritty tales or parodies, like another targeted comic, The Melons of Wrath, a vague parody of Grapes of Wrath, where a teenage peasant girl is raped by several men from her village.

The third comic strip targeted, The Mental Discharge< /em>, was published in 2018 by Les Requins Marteaux.

Already in 2018, after the publication of Petit Paul, which therefore features a child with an oversized penis having sexual relations with adult women, the Glénat editions had affirmed that “as obscene and provocative as it may be considered, this work of fiction is never intended to play down, encourage or legitimize the abuse of minors in any way whatever”.

A report, sent by the association Face à l'inceste, requesting the withdrawal of this comic strip, had been dismissed in February 2019 by the Nanterre prosecutor's office for “lack of 'infraction'.

Last December, an online petition demanding the deprogramming of the exhibition In the eyes of Bastien Vivès, scheduled for the Angoulême Festival (south-west ) at the end of January, collected 92,000 signatures.

The festival management announced the cancellation of the exhibition, citing “threats” against the author and l are the organizers.

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