Child pornography: this Laval lawyer in the dock

Child pornography: this Laval lawyer in the dock

A 58-year-old Laval lawyer was arrested Tuesday at his home for child pornography offenses.

Jean Berthelot, a lawyer specializing in labor law, was met by investigators before appearing at the Laval courthouse on a charge of distributing child pornography.

A search was carried out at his home on rue Philippe-Dolbec, in the Sainte-Rose district.

Computers and cell phones were notably seized from the lawyer for analysis.

The investigation into Jean Berthelot began last July, when the popular social network Facebook reported to Canadian authorities that explicit content had passed through the lawyer’s account.

The file ended up in the hands of investigators from the Laval police, who continued the investigation.

Barely 24 hours after Jean Berthelot’s arrest, the Laval law firm for which he works had already removed its listing from its website.

If found guilty of the charge against him, Jean Berthelot is liable to a minimum prison sentence of one year.

The lawyer is due to return to court on March 19 for further legal proceedings.

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