Child touching: an ex-dj recognizes his gestures

The six young victims of sexual acts committed by a former DJ from Acton Vale, in Montérégie, will not have to testify in court during a trial.
S tephen Chevanelle, 55, recently pleaded guilty to six of the 12 charges laid against him, namely, sexual contact with a minor, one for each complainant. In return, the prosecution agreed to drop the counts of sexual assault.

The accused “pretends not to remember the events” following a carbon monoxide suicide attempt following the laying of the first charges, said Claudie Gilbert, from the Crown office at the Saint Courthouse. -Hyacinth.

“He would not be able to present a defense due to a deterioration in his mental state,” added the prosecutor. However, Mr. Chevanelle has been declared capable of understanding the judicial process and he acknowledges the allegations.

Between 2013 and 2018, the man who was nicknamed DJ Doum Doum touched the young victims aged seven and eight while they were staying with him. None of them is related to him.

These were “not very intrusive gestures,” says Me Gilbert, but they still constitute offenses. “He was very familiar and friendly with the children.

Three girls first filed complaints in 2018, followed by two more a few months later and a sixth in 2019.

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One of them provided a written declaration on the consequences that the actions had on her and the others are invited to do so, in writing or in person, before the file is returned to court in September, says Claudie Gilbert. .

On this date, the Crown and the defense, represented by Me Stéphane Comptois, must plead for the sentence to be imposed on the Valois, who remains at large under conditions pending his sentence.

The prosecution plans to ask for two to four years in prison. Pre-sentence and sexological reports were requested in order to identify a possible risk of recidivism or the existence of a problem of a sexual nature.

Stephen Chevanelle was very involved in the Acton Vale community, notably in figure skating, cheerleading and special events. He had no criminal record.

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