“Children make us happy!” : The relay of the little ones in the Écusson de Montpellier celebrates its 20th anniversary with the tunes of rumba

“Children make us happy!” : The relay of the little ones in the Écusson de Montpellier celebrates its 20th anniversary with the tunes of rumba

Isabelle Poulain dirige la Maison des enfants, rue Embouque d’Or depuis 2002. midi libre – G. ITALIANO

Inseparable from the historic center, the Children's House, rue Embouque d’Or, has seen one or even two generations pass since its creation in 1982. This Friday, the structure which has welcomed toddlers since 2004, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. , in a beautiful rumba!

Inseparable from the historic center, the Children's House has seen dozens of children pass through it since its creation. "Thousands", estimates Isabelle Poulain, the director, quite incapable of quantifying attendance over 40 years and some of existence."If I am given the opportunity to promote it elsewhere, to help municipal centers reinvent themselves, I am available!",< /em> she says, as if she was ready to pass on this baton, to which she remains very attached.

17691 children welcomed in 2023

Today, the babies of yesteryear are either having a teenage crisis…hellip; or forty, and little ones continue to arrive in regular waves. "We also welcome the offspring of the pioneers welcomed in 1982", she smiled. "It makes you feel really old !", breathes Isabelle who operates on radiant energy, always radiant with enthusiasm. Around her and her team of 21 facilitators, 17, 691 children to be precise (this sector of activity cannot suffer from any approximation) have gravitated ’ nbsp;in the year 2023 alone, "with an increase of 2 822 children, from 3 to 18 years old , on internship, stay or reception.

Created under the leadership of Georges Frêche, the Children's House initially only welcomed adolescents aged 7 to 14, joined in 2004 by the "small".

The children's relay will move at the start of the 2024 school year

When she took over the management in 2002, Isabelle Poulain found herself confronted with the pressing demands of parents, "reception of 3-6 year olds, little brothers and sisters! There was no structure for this age group in the neighborhood". Little relay at the Garnier school and Relais des petits at the Jean-Jacques-Rousseau school were born, to respond to this.

20 years already that the concept has been running at full speed, when parents work, on Wednesdays, during school holidays or for evening reception. As long as it lasts! "The Jean-Jacques-Rousseau school, rue d’Aigrefeuille will move to the former Conservatory at the start of the 2024 school year, We hope to inherit the school premises, which would allow us to create spaces for social life and welcome children with disabilities. But whatever happens, we will continue to exist."

Fruit salad, pretty, pretty!

From the preparation of fruit salad by toddlers in the morning, to the manufacturing of wind or bubble machines, to the humanitarian trip to Africa, the fundamental values ​​remain the same: those of respect of the words of children who have the choice to do "or do nothing and above all to establish their own rules".

This Friday, the party will be in full swing at the Jean-Jacques-Rousseau school in the presence of Jean-Louis Gély, the former assistant for educational success or Fanny Dombre-Coste, current. "It’is open to everyone, to members, their friends, their family".

The years pass, but the educational project does not age. Except those prettily starry in the corner of the smiling eyes of the eternal teenager Isabelle Poulain. "I thank the parents for their trust, their children make us happy".

Friday April 12, from 6 p.m., aperitif and Gipsy trio at 8 p.m. I subscribe to read more

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