Children's hospitals: 'This is a really, really serious situation'

Children's hospitals: “It’s a really really bad situation”


The extremely difficult situation of pediatric emergencies worries Dr. Bethany Foster, head of pediatrics at the Children's of Montreal, who maintains that she has never seen so many sick children in her entire career.  

“It's very dramatic and very serious,” she said at the outset in an interview with Philippe-Vincent Foisy on QUB radio.

< p>“It's a crisis really. In Quebec, in Canada and all over the world. This is a situation never seen with overflowing emergencies, pediatric care units and intensive care which are also overflowing. It's a really, really serious situation,” said Dr. Foster.

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which had almost disappeared during the pandemic due to the strict health measures that had been put in place, is back with a vengeance and touches children whose immune system was not prepared.

“Several factors contribute to the crisis, but RSV affects the little ones. All the little babies who don't have immunity due to COVID,” she explained.

In addition, the staff who worked in children's hospitals were partly redirected towards adult care during COVID-19.

“So we lost this expertise in children's hospitals. I think it can come back. Earlier this week the government put in place a decree to tell hospitals that are ready to provide pediatric care to reopen this care, ”she explained.

Dr Foster considers that it we must reopen pediatric care everywhere and quickly, but also ask the population to wear a mask, to stem this RSV epidemic.

“Wearing a mask is to prevent children from being sick all at the same time,” he concluded.