Children's literature: ghosts and famous friends

Children's Literature: Ghosts and Famous Friends< /p> UPDATE DAY

Strange things are happening at Weaver Hall Academy… Ectoplasms, ghosts, apparitions and ghosts haunt the halls of the establishment. Fortunately, Peter, Egon, Ray and Winston have set up a very special school club: Ghostbusters! Then, in another story, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross learn the importance of friendship. These six friends know it: life is better together, with or without pizza!

The albums of QILINN editions revisit classics of cinema, essentials of the small screen, some more recent successes, others which have something to make parents nostalgic when they read the story to their children. Mom I missed the plane, Back to the Future, Harry Potter; there is no shortage of picture book choices! Among their recent books, there are two hits with very different themes.

Zoom on Ghostbusters

It's more than fun to reunite with the well-known characters from the film series, but at “child height”. 

Little readers lead the investigation with Egon, Peter, Ray and Winston to find out what is wrong within the four walls of their school. They find disturbing clues in the school library… A strange smell floats in the air, sticky green traces are stuck everywhere and the books are strangely classified. Will they meet a ghost?

Zoom in Friends

The TV series Friends which becomes an album for children, it was rather unexpected as a literary project! But it works super well: the emphasis is on the importance of friendship, with nods to the differences between some friends who come to unite them. 

The older ones will have a smile on their face as they revisit highlights from the show, including Monica dancing with a turkey on her head, Ross' couch getting stuck in the stairwell, not to mention the famous “pause” between Ross and Rachel.

Frankly a lot of fun with these picture books!


The mystery of the pyramid

Hugo and Maya are intrigued, like the other people in the neighborhood, by the appearance of a mysterious monument near their home. Apparently at the other end of the woods, a hidden pyramid has been found! It doesn't take much for everyone to get carried away and start making a thousand hypotheses about the said pyramid. In just a few days, a group of individuals forms. The “Pyramis” spend their days trying to unravel the mystery of the pyramid. How to separate the true from the false among all the information circulating? A mysterious and entertaining story that brilliantly tackles misinformation and conspiratorial thinking.

Zoé Rock T.1: Addicted to manga and tiktokeuse

Zoé Rock, megastar tiktoker. That's how Zoe is now known, but seven years ago she was just an ordinary teenager entering high school. On the program: anxiety, nervousness, awkwardness; a good mix that she had the chance to manage thanks to her faithful friends, especially her BFF Camille, even if she stinks horribly! Written in the form of a diary that bears the name “The survival notebook of Zoé, tiktokeuse addicted to manga”, the story is current, entertaining, funny and it reads very easily.

< em>There's a Wolf in Grandma's Room and Other Nocturnal Oddities

A wonderful comic book perfect for young readers who want to discover this type of literary work. The three stories starring Toinou and his younger sister are filled with imaginary elements. Moreover, the stories all have a link with sleep and dreams… When his sister is unable to fall asleep, Toinou tells her the story of an ogre who lives next door. In the second story, their grandmother turns into a granny wolf. Then, an unusual slumber party takes place, in the last story. Must read before bedtime!

100 favorite films to have seen before 10 years

What a beautiful book to leaf through as a family, before spending a winter movie night wrapped up in the covers! List of movies (Bambi, The Lion King, Sissi, The Neverending Story, Spider-Man, Beethoven, etc.) is brilliantly divided by age, theme and genre. Interesting fact: each film sheet contains the recommendations of a child psychologist, in order to better inform parents. Note that this is a European book. There are no Quebec films there. Our proposal for a great family activity to do, following your reading: add your favorite movies from here!