Children's literature: life is not a romantic comedy

Children's literature: life is not a romantic comedy


This summer will be just perfect. At least, that's the promise Fiona makes to herself. Unfortunately, the teenager does not even have time to sketch out her beautiful summer plans before everything falls apart: her parents announce their separation! 

N' no longer able to be at home, Fiona agrees with her grandmother, Iris, to spend the summer at her house. Iris is a famous writer of romance novels, so Fiona is convinced her summer will be magical…

Iris et Fiona un peu drama, the first novel by Marianne Girard, is quickly savored and leaves a strong impression with its unique taste, both light and deep… At first, you might think you'll immerse yourself nose in a romance of teenagers looking for their place in the universe, but it's so much more than that! 

The author does not only present Fiona, a teenager, she opens the door to the secrets of her family by taking us into the past of her mother Kate and the far from ordinary life of her grandmother Iris. The Sharp clan is made up of strong and inspiring women who each have their own way of coping with the trials of life. 

A little drama< /em>

Fiona is a teenager of her time. She hangs out at the skatepark with her friends, comforts herself with binge-watching episodes of her favorite shows on Netflix, then uses Instagram as a means of communication. 

She finds her mother so heavy… And this is where the story becomes more interesting: alongside Fiona's story, we dive into Kate's, in 1997, when she was herself. even as a teenager and lived in the grandiose Outremont home of her famous mother. 

The chapters intertwine and it is thus, with one foot in the present and in the past, that we discover who the Sharp women really are and how their visions of love and life are alike, after all.

An excellent coming of age type novel that will charm teenagers as well as young adults, and even mothers!


One step at a time

The pain of friendship is sometimes more painful than the pain of love. This is exactly what Brianne has been experiencing since her best friend Elisabeth moved away. Seeing that she continues to be brooding, her mother encourages her to join the new running club at her school. But Brianne hates running and she hates her mother's habit of making her feel like she should lose weight. One step at a time is a beautiful story of friendship; of friendship and self-love…Brianne is afraid of making new friends, but she is especially afraid of discovering how she can open up and become her own friend.

< p>Unforgettable

Unforgettabletells the story of Mimi who has never met her little sister, Linou. She died before she was even born. Mimi couldn't say “hello” to him, but never managed to say “goodbye” to him either… On an old typist, Mimi decides to write letters to her sister. Letters haunted by her death, but full of life, to the rhythm of the secrets she delivers on her friendship with the marginalized Janice, on her kick on the new neighbor who plays the piano and on the breakdown of their family. Unforgettable, it's sweet, touching and funny. A superb novel in free verse.

First date T.6: The magic formula of a butterfly kiss

< p>Faithful to the other parts, this sixth volume addresses friendship, love, family, as well as important themes present in the daily life of teenagers, in particular consent and harassment. Azalée, who has been waiting for the summer solstice dance since elementary school, is flipping because the event could be canceled. Then, she dreams of kissing the one who makes her heart beat, but he has mononucleosis! For his part, Theo is stunned to learn that his boyfriend has already had his first time. Also on the program, a trip to New York. The final volume of this popular series comes as a real gift!


Following the death of her mother, Jill's father decides to move, to change landscape. The girl has always been a great lover of nature. She used to go into the forest alone and stay there as long as possible, until her absence was felt and someone worried. But that never happened… Jill, like her father, wants to start a new life. But is it possible when the death of her little brother, the alcoholism of her parents, the sexual assaults she suffered and the illness of her mother still haunt her? A poignant story, out of the ordinary.