Children's Literature: Strange Happenings and Eco-Anxiety

Children's Literature: Strange Events and Summer Ecoanxiety ;


Rivière-Bleue is a small village where nothing ever happens. In fact, nothing ever happened there… Because for Théo and Célia, two teenagers who live there, several strange things seem to have been happening there for some time. The two friends share deep environmental convictions and Theo suffers from eco-anxiety. When the local textile factory dumps toxic dyes into the river, they notice that some locals are starting to change…

According to the Office québécois de la langue française, solastalgia is a distress felt by a person in the face of losses or changes affecting their immediate environment, due to climate change. Author Hervé Gagnon, a master of thrillers, brilliantly uses this background to immerse us in a well-crafted, powerful and mysterious plot!

Théo and Célia are endearing and strong characters who join a crowd of teenagers. Theo has a huge heart. He befriends an elderly homeless woman and even manages to convince her mother to invite her over to recover from a health problem. The young man is constantly torn by his eco-anxiety. He wants to do well – he takes care of his own vegetable garden, at home, but he feels that it is too late for his small gestures to change anything about the tragic fate that awaits the planet.

Supernatural changes?

As a reader, you might therefore think that you have just stuck your nose in a book that will expose you to a world where natural disasters caused by climate change are on the increase, but this story is so much more than that. 

By investigating the changes in the attitudes of certain villagers since toxic dyes were dumped in the river, Théo and Célia identify the links between these people and when they follow them into the forest, they realize that yes, the end of the world may be today, but that the universe is much more complex and less “realistic” that they believed it…

A good suspense screaming topicality, reading Solastalgia is like the Earth: it is certainly not flat!


A summer in Barcelona

Spending a summer in Barcelona to take part in a soccer camp is a dream come true. .. Well, for Émile and his brother Léo, it's reality! Émile falls in love with Spain and perhaps one of his soccer teammates. Summer in Barcelonais intended to be a real travel guide for young people, in addition to leading us into a captivating world of soccer and presenting Catalonia and its rich history. An excellent novel that can be devoured in a maximum of three bites – as quickly as Émile when he eats the pa amb tomàquet, his new culinary favourite!

The Chasm

Aleksuan tries to survive in the heart of a desert world. When his village is attacked and he is captured, Alek has no choice but to become a warrior. A premise that looks more violent than horrifying, contrary to what the author has accustomed us to? No, no: this novel is indeed a work of horror! With his fellow warriors, Alek will have to venture into a crevasse where there is a creature that no one wants to cross… An original plot, traumatic – in a good way – and brilliant. The technological means of communication that the characters use to communicate really throws us into their thoughts. Something to feel close to them… and be as terrified as they are!

The Silk Trap

At the ballet school, we learn to appear light, to smile like dolls, to mimic a life in weightlessness. The young narrator of this story realizes that achieving artistic beauty can be very hard. When a little voice in her head tells her that she will never make it, everything falls apart… A spider weaves a nest in her mind and its silken trap closes in on her. The anxiety of the narrator, we feel it. We have the impression that she squeezes our chest. The moving, delicate and authentic pen of the author makes this story about anxiety a strong and inspiring poetic work.


Arthur is late for school. When a blast blows up the garden gnomes in the grounds of a small house, he realizes his day won't go as planned. Ren and Cecily, two girls from his school, are also there. Hearing the barking of a dog trapped inside the house that could explode any second, the trio come to his aid. Arthur, Ren and Cecily then cross a magic portal and find themselves projected into a futuristic virtual reality game, surrounded by famous characters such as Isaac Newton and Tomoe Gozen. A story that perfectly intertwines action, history and adventure.