Chile : up to five years in prison for non-compliance with the containment

Chili : jusqu’à cinq ans de prison pour non-respect du confinement

The Chile was brought Thursday to five years in prison, the maximum penalty imposed for a breach of the containment, curing the legislation to succeed finally to maintain the population at his home.

The country has reached Thursday 225 103 cases of coronavirus, 3 841 the dead, and according to its public health specialists, it is crucial that there is a limit to further contacts between people.

In the region of the capital Santiago, which includes 7 of the 18 million inhabitants of the country, the trips have declined by about 30 % only compared to the period before the pandemic. However, epidemiologists estimate that it would be necessary to achieve a drop of at least 50 % to that the pace of contamination has slowed.

A law passed in record time by the Congress punishes the non-compliance of the containment of three years imprisonment and five years of imprisonment if the person is conscious of being in a phase contagious.

“The best will be the respect of the confinement, the shorter the required duration of the measures, and the least bigger will be the restrictions of freedoms,” said president Sebastian Pinera at the time of enact.

The containment in Chile limits the travel to shop in shops permitted (supermarkets and food, health, banks, post offices and points of withdrawal of the parcels, diy) and to the place of work, with mandatory permit.

The army is in charge of controls in the public space, and according to its data it finds to offences only in 0.5% of cases. But to get a permit an employer does not present any difficulty.

Santiago, Chile has difficulties to stop the epidemic in some poor areas, particularly high immigrant population, and in buildings that are overcrowded.

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