Chimpanzees prey on turtles, and this one did not know before: video

Шимпанзе охотятся на черепах, и об этом никто раньше не знал: видео

Шимпанзе охотятся на черепах, и об этом никто раньше не знал: видео

Chimpanzees prey on turtles, and this one did not know before: video

The draft chimpanzee meat has long been known, but eating turtles they had not been caught.

May 24, 2019 at 15:44

German biologists from 2016 to 2018, studied the behavior of chimpanzees in the national Park Gabon Loango. The object of the study was new in the community, Recombo, which includes approximately 20 individuals: eight adults and four young males, five adults and three young females.

The collected material covers 5000 hours of observations, and during this time managed to fix the 38 cases where chimps were caught turtles. Previously, it was found that about 5% of the diet of these primates have to eat meat: for this chimp in groups and hunt smaller monkeys and hoofed animals. Their interest in the turtles, knew nothing.

Hunting for turtles always occurred in the dry season, and the exact explanation of this choice there’s no scientific: presumably, this is due to the decrease in the activity of reptiles during these periods. Very interesting was the technique of extraction of meat from shell: chimpanzee split them exactly the same as the hard shells of nuts, banging on a hard surface. However, the shell is so strong that this task was done only by adult males.

This has led to mutually beneficial cooperation: young individuals and females were caught turtles, gave them his powerful friend, and then a meal was shared between all. Particularly surprising was the case when an adult male, caught a turtle, ate only half of it meat. Hiding uneaten part among the branches, he returned to her in the morning and had Breakfast – thus the animal has shown the ability to action planning.

Scientists also add that studying chimpanzees in their natural habitat is not so simple: those shunned people. It takes about five years to get the band accustomed to the presence of man, and only then with the help of this population are beginning to gather data. However, for each group of chimpanzees is characterized by its own peculiarities, so maybe in other parts of Africa their relatives have not yet discovered the “the delicacy in the shell”.


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