China: 10 million people tested in Wuhan, 300 positive

Chine: 10 millions d’habitants testés à Wuhan, 300 positifs

BEIJING | A screening campaign mass conducted in Wuhan was completed on a balance sheet of 300 persons reported as positive in 10 million that has been tested in the chinese city at the epicenter of the COVID-19, said Tuesday the authorities.

China has largely halted the outbreak in its territory and earns more every day than a handful of new cases; most of the time, these are chinese travellers returned from abroad.

Concern over a second wave of potential, the municipality of Wuhan, however, has initiated a country-wide screening as a result of new infections after the removal of the containment of the city at the beginning of April.

From 14 may to 1 June, more than 9.8 million people have been tested in the metropolis, which has 11 million people, said officials at a press conference.

“The figures show that Wuhan is now a safe city,” said Feng Zijian, deputy director of the chinese national Center for control and prevention of diseases.

The locals did in recent weeks the tail to be detected in large tents medicalized installed on parking lots, in parks or residential districts.

Each day, approximately half a million tests are carried out.

The 300 positive results are the result of asymptomatic individuals, have highlighted the authorities. China does not, however, in his statistics of sick confirmed.

This screening campaign was initially presented as a “decisive battle” of 10 days against the COVID-19. It will cost around 900 million yuan (approximately $ 170 million), said Tuesday the deputy mayor Hu Yabo.

The new coronavirus that appeared in the city at the end of the year 2019, leading to a wave of infections that has flooded the local hospitals with patients. But after a peak in February, new infections have fallen gradually in China.

The official death toll in the nation of 1.4 billion people is still stuck at 4634 dead. The latter, in great majority, died in Wuhan, where a physician has yet lost his life on Tuesday, announced the state television CCTV.

The United States however put in doubt the reliability of the figures, and accuse China have been slow to share its information with the international community.

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