China: 57 new cases of Covid-19, daily record since April

Chine: 57 nouveaux cas de Covid-19, record journalier depuis avril

BEIJING | China has announced Sunday 57 new confirmed cases of Covid-19, the highest number daily since April, reinforcing fears of a second wave epidemic in the country.

Thanks to strict controls, the wearing of the mask and operation of containment, the epidemic was under control on the chinese soil, where appeared the new coronavirus last year, Wuhan (center).

But a new home contamination has been detected in the south of Beijing in the wholesale market Xinfadi, which sells items such as meat, fish and vegetables. A discovery that has led to the containment of 11 residential areas in the surroundings.

The chinese ministry of Health indicated that of the 57 new cases, 36 of them are local infections recorded in the chinese capital.

Two other local case have been reported in the Liaoning province (north-east). Provincial officials have said that these people had been in contact with the new patients registered in the capital.

Hundreds of police officers and members of the paramilitary police, many wearing protective masks and gloves, were seen Saturday by AFP reporters near the market Xinfadi.

Nine schools and kindergartens in the area have been closed. On Friday, the mayor of Beijing had delayed the return of students in primary schools and suspended all sporting events.

The visits in the chinese capital of groups from other provinces have been suspended on Saturday.

A responsible market Xinfadi told the local newspaper the Beijing News that the virus had been detected on boards used to cut up the salmon imported.

In the aftermath, the health authorities have ordered an inspection at the scale of the city, on the fresh meat and frozen poultry, and fish, in supermarkets, warehouses and food services.

The rest of the confirmed cases announced Sunday, are the result of persons returned to China from abroad, according to the ministry of Health.

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