China: a household distributes the COVID-19 in five regions, including Beijing

Chine: un foyer diffuse la COVID-19 dans cinq régions dont Beijing

BEIJING | Of the holders of the new coronavirus from a focus of infection in north-eastern China have released the COVID-19 in five provinces in total, including the capital Beijing, said Tuesday the authorities.

It’s been several months that the asian country, where the virus has been spotted in late 2019, has largely contained the epidemic through the port of the mask, to the containment and tracing of contacts.

No death has been recorded since mid-may.

But in recent months, small foci of infection in different areas of the country, provoke regular concern. China has brought to the state Tuesday of 68 new patients in 24 hours — the biggest increase daily since mid-April.

Among them, 57 have been identified in the region of Xinjiang (north-west). An outbreak key since a few days the chief-place in Urumqi, where millions of inhabitants are currently being tested.

Six new patients have also been registered in Dalian, a port city of the Liaoning province (north-east). A fireplace was spotted last week in a local factory processing of seafood.

The city of 6 million inhabitants, is one of the two host cities of the championship, chinese football, which has just resumed this weekend. With the additional cases announced on Tuesday, it now shows a total of 44 patients.

A Source of concern: the fireplace has contributed to the spread of the virus in five provinces, including Fujian, located in over 1 200 km, said Tuesday the health authorities.

The outbreak in Dalian also has implications for Beijing. A new patient of the COVID-19, related to an asymptomatic carrier came from the port city, was announced Tuesday.

It is the first case of local recorded in the capital since an outbreak was halted in early July.

In the Face of danger, the authorities of Dalian had announced on Sunday a mass screening of the population. They indicated Monday that 1.68 million of withdrawals had already been made.

The situation remains for the moment largely controlled at the national level, with only 391 patients treated in the country as a whole, said the ministry of Health.

The total official death toll since the beginning of the epidemic remains 4 634.

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