China allows foreign airlines to operate a flight per week

Beijing | China, which has drastically reduced its links with the rest of the world because of the pandemic, announced Thursday that all foreign airlines could take a limited number of flights as of 8 June, lifting the de facto ban on american carriers.

All the companies will operate a flight per week from and to China, said in a statement that the Authority of regulation of air traffic (ACAC), while Washington’s threat to suspend the flights of the chinese companies.

Passengers will, however, need to be tested to their arrival on chinese soil, said the CAAC.

The airlines will be able to get a second weekly flight if any passengers are never tested positive Covid-19 during three weeks on a same link, is added to the CAAC.

China, the first country affected by the new coronavirus, was drastically reduced by the end of march its links with the rest of the world, for fear of further contamination from abroad.

This decision comes in the wake of the announcement of an upcoming suspension by the administration of us president Donald Trump of the flights of chinese companies in the United States, in a context of tensions already very strong between Beijing and Washington.

The ban, which will take effect on 16 June, was a response to the refusal of the chinese authorities to allow u.s. airlines to resume their activity in China despite the d├ęconfinement, announced Wednesday the u.s. department of Transportation.

Delta Air Lines and United Airlines had suspended in February and in march their flights to and from China due to the pandemic of Covid-19, and to comply with the restrictions of travel announced in early February by the u.s. government.

They wished to resume activity in the country this month, and had submitted in may their demands to the authorities of the aviation civil chinese.

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