China: an attack in a kindergarten leaves three dead and six injured

China: Kindergarten attack leaves three dead and six injured< /p> UPDATE DAY

An attack on a kindergarten in central China on Wednesday left three people dead and six injured, with the main suspect fleeing, local police said. 

“An armed malefactor wearing a cap and a mask broke into” at 10:22 a.m. this establishment in Jiangxi province (eastern China), the statement said.

“The public security services are making every effort to find the suspect”, aged 48, said the police of the canton of Anfu, where the tragedy took place.

A video published on the internet by the Beijing Daily, an official newspaper, shows a policeman carrying a child in his arms to an ambulance.

The identity and age of the victims are not yet known. The press release also does not specify the weapon used. But bladed weapons are regularly used in this type of drama.

Knife attacks occur regularly in China, for lack of other instruments used to kill in a country where carrying a firearm is not allowed for ordinary citizens. 

Some of these attacks specifically target young students and occur every year across the country. 

They are generally perpetrated by people who want revenge on society or harbor resentment towards the targeted school.

In June 2021, a man armed with a knife killed six people and injured 14 others on the streets of Anqing in eastern China.

An individual with a knife attacked a kindergarten in Beiliu, south China, in April last year. south of the country, killing two children and injuring 16 people.

In 2018, a man who stabbed to death nine children and injured 11 in northern Chi had been sentenced to death.