China: at least 57 people trapped in the collapse of a mine

China: At least 57 people trapped in mine collapse


At least 57 people were trapped on Wednesday after a coal mine collapsed in northern China's Inner Mongolia region, according to state broadcaster CCTV. < /p>

“At least 57 people are missing,” the channel said, and “more than 200 rescue workers have arrived at the scene.”

Earlier, the state-run China news agency Nouvelle had mentioned about fifty people trapped in the collapse of this open pit mine located in the Alxa league, in the west of the region.

“The accident occurred on Wednesday afternoon, and according to a preliminary investigation more than 50 people were trapped under the mine,” according to New China.

“At 5:13 p.m. out of the mine, two of whom did not show vital signs,” she added.

Mine safety has improved over the past decades in China, as has media coverage of these incidents, including bea Many were previously passed over in silence.

But accidents still occur regularly, due to the inherent danger of the sector and the sometimes haphazard application of safety instructions.

At the end of December, 40 people were trapped underground after the collapse of a gold mine in the Xinjiang region (Northwest).

In December 2021, two miners who were stranded in a mine flooded coal mine in Shanxi (north) were dead and 20 others were saved after rescue operations.

In September 2021, 19 miners trapped underground after the collapse of a coal mine in the province of Qinghai (northwest) had been found dead after a long search.