China: confined … with its “blind date”

China: confined ... with its & ldquo; blind date & rdquo;

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You are dining with a potential lover, not very talkative, when the health authorities confine the neighborhood until further notice: it is the mishap to a Chinese woman who shares her experience on social networks.

China faces several outbreaks of Delta and Omicron variants – albeit very limited, but which authorities are combating with draconian measures. The large city of Zhengzhou (center) is in the eye of the storm after reporting hundreds of cases of COVID-19 since last week.

Some areas of the city have been confined as a result. Wednesday, January 5 … just when Miss Wang was dining with a boy during a meeting previously arranged by his mother.

“Right after my arrival in Zhengzhou, there was an outbreak of infection and his residential complex was placed in containment. I couldn't leave his home anymore, ”she told Chinese media The Paper on Tuesday.

Miss Wang had come to the city for a weeklong stay to meet several boys.

“As I get older, my family wanted to introduce me to 10 potential boyfriends. The fifth wanted to show off his cooking skills, so he invited me to dinner at his place. ”

Miss Wang has posted videos online to show her embarrassing everyday life. We see the boy cooking meals for her, doing household chores or working on his computer while she is resting.

The flames of love are slow to appear, notes the sweetheart .

“Aside from being as silent as a tree trunk, he's not bad,” she tells The Paper. “Even if his dishes are not very good, he is always motivated to cook, I find it good.”

She did not reveal his age, nor his full name nor the identity of the beautiful dark.

On the Chinese social network Weibo, the hashtag evoking history has accumulated millions of views. But the heavy media attention prompted her to take the videos off the internet.

“Friends called him and I think it took a toll on his life. So I have withdrawn them for now, “she said on Tuesday.

” Thank you all for your attention (…) I hope the epidemic will end soon and that you singles will quickly find a boyfriend! ”

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