China forced to close its consulate in Houston in the United States, announces Beijing

La Chine forcée de fermer son consulat de Houston aux États-Unis, annonce Pékin

China announced on Wednesday have been forced by the United States to close its consulate in Houston, a qualified decision of “provocation” by Beijing.

“This is a provocation policy introduced unilaterally by the american side, which seriously violates the international law “, denounced to the press as a spokesman of chinese diplomatic, Wang Wenbin.

“China strongly condemns this action outrageous and unjustified,” assured the spokesman, threatening Washington of ” retaliation “.

Mr. Wang did not specify what was the reason given by the administration to Trump to close the consulate.

According to several media outlets in Houston, firefighters were called Tuesday evening at the consulate for documents that have been burned in the courtyard of the building.

Police in Houston said on Twitter that the smoke had been observed, but that the forces of order “had not been allowed to enter” within the walls of the consulate.

The China has five consulates in the United States. The one in Houston, Texas, was opened in 1979 and has 900 000 chinese citizens registered in its registers.

This decision comes on the backdrop of exacerbated tensions between the two powers on several fronts : controversial law on national security to Hong Kong, accusations of espionage, situation of Human rights in the Xinjiang region (north-west) in particular.

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