China has “taken advantage” of the pandemic in order to “harass” other countries

La Chine a « profité » de la pandémie pour « harceler » d’autres pays

China has “taken advantage” of the pandemic of novel coronavirus to “harass” other countries and impose its new national security law to Hong Kong, said on Wednesday the former governor of the former british colony, Chris Patten.

“What happened in Hong Kong is only part of a wider series of actions carried out by the chinese communist party to take advantage of the fact that we are focusing on the coronavirus,” said Mr. Patten, who governed Hong Kong during the five years that preceded the handover to China in 1997.

“From India to Japan, ( … ), from Australia to Canada, the Chinese have carried out actions of harassment around the world,” said Mr. Patten, currently chancellor of Oxford university, during an online conference organized by members of parliament in the uk.

“We must learn to contain China when it behaves badly “, he added.

His statements came two days after China’s ambassador to the Uk denounced the decision of Boris Johnson to facilitate access to british citizenship to hong Kong, accusing London of “interfering grossly in the internal affairs” of Beijing.

London has denounced the national security law as a “manifest violation” of the autonomy enjoyed by its former colony.

The national security act, which was promulgated at the end of June after a wave of demonstrations for freedom in Hong Kong, plans to punish the activities of the separatists, ” terrorists “, the subversion or foreign interference in the autonomous territory to chinese.

Brian Leung, a pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong, currently studying political science at Seattle (northwestern United States), has explained that the extent of the new chinese legislation has sown ” terror “.

“This conversation could make me run a risk of criminal, where I shall take the risk to life in jail “, he explained to the mp. “The evident purpose of this act is to spread terror and fear, not only in the country but also to the international for people who are out of Hong Kong do not take the word. “

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