China holds $ 3.3 million of masks for the Quebec

La Chine retient 3,3 millions de masques destinés au Québec

A large shipment of masks for the québec network of health is blocked in China for more than a week due to customs inspections contingencies that suggest the assumption of political retaliation against Canada.

More than three million surgical masks, three-folds, either of the masks procedure, had to leave on 10 July, the port of Qingdao, 700 km south-east of Beijing, in the direction of the port of Montreal.

The service of the chinese customs has, however, called for new tests to verify the goods of the quebec-based company that matter, IS Clothing.

“China is taking additional precautions,” said the sales manager of the company, Dan Walfish, in a telephone interview.

IS Clothing had already submitted to the authorities the result of tests demonstrating that the stocks in the containers correspond to what has been said.

In Qingdao, the customs regional chinese had also validated the merchandise. But the national customs then imposed as an additional control.

“The case is mounted at a level where even the customs regional have not a word to say,” said Mr. Walfish.


Faced with this situation, IS Clothing has called to the aid the department of international Relations of Quebec. The Canadian embassy in Beijing has also intervened in the folder.

Mr. Walfish has been found that the assumption of political retaliation from China to Canada has been mentioned in the exchanges between representatives of canadian and quebec in China.

In an email obtained from another source by our Bureau of investigation, a commercial attaché of the embassy wrote that it is possible that this is a “non-official targeting Canada”.

“Is that it is a coincidence that, yes, the political relations are a bit strained these days, or is it that China has told : “we can not let pass anything”? We, we don’t know,” said Dr. Walfish, who refuses to use the word “problem” to describe the situation.


The support of the government of Quebec has been useful to prove to the chinese authorities that the shipments of masks are beautiful and well designed the québec network of health. According to Dr. Walfish, it is an argument of weight.

“China would not want to tarnish its relations with Quebec and Canada”, he said.

He hopes for a release of the chinese authorities on 23 July, faster than what was announced prior to the government interventions.


The stock of 3.3 million masks delayed the first shipment of a large cargo of approximately 80 million of masks that WILL Clothing will be important until December.

Mr. Walfish is known that six of its other containers, which were to follow, are also the subject of tests.

According to him, his business is not the only one to be subjected to these new delays in the shipment of masks.

“It is all the shipments that are made in Canada and the United States,” he said.

Mr. Walfish has confidence in being able to catch up. It ensures that the health network will not fail masks.

The ministry of world Affairs is simply to say that it is working with its international partners.

“We continue to monitor the restrictions, chinese export, including customs inspection is required”, said the spokesman Sylvain Leclerc, without reference to the case of Clothing.


Strained relationships


The tensions between Canada and China, against a backdrop of espionage, are more vivid in the last few months.

  • May 2018 For reasons of national security, Ottawa blocked the purchase by a chinese company in the canadian construction company Aecon, which is seen in Beijing as a political intervention.
  • December 2018 Arrest by Canada of a leader of Huawei Meng Wanzhou, at the request of the United States, who suspect that the company does not have to comply with the u.s. sanctions against Iran.
  • December 2018 Two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, are immediately apprehended and detained in China in what appears as a response of the country.
  • June 2020 Justin Trudeau refused to cancel the extradition process of Meng Wanzhou.
  • July 2020 Ottawa multiplies the time in the study of the case of the Flying Whales due to fear of industrial espionage, a chinese partner.
  • July 2020 Canada will suspend its extradition treaty with Hong Kong and its military exports to protest against the power of the chinese government in the island.
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