China nettled by the attitude of Canada

La Chine agacée par l’attitude du Canada

In the aftermath of the reverse order of the number 2 of Huawei Meng Wanzhou, the consul general of China in Montreal was shown to be annoyed by the reproaches of the United States or Canada, who are concerned about imposing a law on safety in Hong Kong, in a letter of which The Newspaper has obtained a copy Thursday.

“Hong Kong is a community local administrative of China. Establish and perfect the legal system and the enforcement mechanism in regard to the preservation of national security in Hong Kong, it is the case of Hong Kong, which lies with the internal affairs of China. No foreign country has the right to interfere “, said the consul general of China in Montreal, Xueming Chen.


Earlier Thursday, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada have criticized a single and same voice for the China, who comes to impose a law on security, which would reduce the autonomy and freedoms of its citizens in Hong Kong.

“China’s decision to impose the new law on national security in Hong Kong is in direct conflict with its international obligations under legally binding principles of the joint Declaration sino-british registered by the united Nations,” said the four countries together.

External Forces

However, for the consul general of China in Montreal, the pill does not pass. The diplomat stressed that the political situation in Hong Kong is manipulated by outside forces and extremists.

“Secession by the violence caused serious damage to the local inhabitants, what is very clear. However, some are stubborn to beautify these acts, radical, and violent criminals. What do they think and how to handle it if such things appear in their country ? ” asks Xueming Chen.

China also believes that rising tensions in Hong Kong is especially evil to its own people.

“I wonder what do they think of the owners whose shops were burnt or broken, the people who suffer from severe paralysis of transport, and the passers-by are beaten in spite of their innocence,” said the chinese diplomat in his letter.

♦ A meeting of the security Council of the UN on the law on safe controversial adopted by China needs to be held Friday in the late morning.

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