China orbited two satellites for Pakistan

Китай вывел на орбиту два спутника для Пакистана

China has put into orbit satellite remote sensing “Yaogan-1” and Pakistani scientific experimental satellite PAKTES-1A with the help of the carrier rocket “Changzheng-2C”. It is reported by the Chinese Corporation of space science and technology (CASC).

The launch occurred on Monday, July 9, at 11.56 local time from the Baikonur Jiuquan in the Gobi desert in Gansu province, which is located in the North-West of the country, reports

The Pakistani authorities are going to use satellites to study the natural land resources for the study and prevention of disasters and natural catastrophes, and to promote agriculture and urban development.

It is noted that the launch took place in the format of the agreement, which was signed in April 2016. It provides that the countries will develop cooperation in the space industry.

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