China takes measures after a case of bubonic plague

La Chine prend des mesures après un cas de peste bubonique

The authorities of the city of Bayannur, located in inner Mongolia in northern China, have announced a raft of measures after the discovery this weekend of a case of bubonic plague.

The man, a shepherd, is in a stable condition in a hospital in Bayannur, said the sanitary commission of the city on Sunday in a press release.

The commission has banned the hunting and consumption of animals that are capable of transmitting the plague – especially the marmots – until the end of the year, and urged residents to report any rodent that are sick or dead.

The bacterium Yersinia pestis can be transmitted to humans by fleas that have bitten rats already infected.

Although the highly contagious disease is rare in China and can be treated, at least five people are dead for 2014, according to the chinese national Commission of health.

Another suspected case involving a teenager of 15 years was reported Monday in Mongolia’s neighbour, announced the press agency new China.

The boy had a fever after having eaten a groundhog chased by a dog, she said. Two other cases were confirmed last week in the province of mongolia (Khovd involving brothers who had eaten marmot meat, added the agency.

Some 146 people who came into contact with the two men were placed in quarantine.

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