China: vaccine-COVID-19 permitted in the army

Chine: un vaccin anti-COVID-19 autorisé au sein de l’armée

BEIJING | The chinese military has authorised the use in its ranks of a vaccine against the COVID-19, designed jointly by a research institute of the military and a pharmaceutical company, said on Monday the company.

Laboratories around the world are competing to find a cure against the novel coronavirus, first detected at the end of 2019 in China and which has already killed more than 500, 000 deaths on a global scale.

The half, approximately, of the 17 vaccines currently in clinical trials (that is to say, on the man) are developed by the laboratories or the institutes of chinese, according to information from the world Health Organization (WHO).

The chinese company CanSinoBIO collaborates with the Academy of military medical sciences on one of the vaccines, anti-COVID-19 the most advanced at the present time.

“The clinical trial data have shown a good safety profile and high levels of immune response, humoral and cellular”, welcomed the company in a statement to the Hong Kong stock Exchange, where it is listed.

She argues that the central military Commission, the institution which is subject to the chinese army, has given the green light on the 25th of June to a use of the vaccine on the military.

It is not clear in the immediate future if this permission implies a vaccination campaign in the chinese army, which has about two million members. The ministry of Defence has not responded to a request for comment from AFP.

CanSinoBIO has also stressed in its press release, the yet not be able to guarantee that its vaccine will be marketed to the general public.

According to the latest tally from the WHO, in addition to the 17 vaccines the COVID-19 tested on humans, 132 others are currently undergoing preclinical evaluation.

None has yet received approval to be marketed.

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