China, “very worried” about the conflict in Ukraine, wishes to “promote dialogue”

China, “very concerned” about the conflict in Ukraine, wants &laquo ;promote dialogue


China on Tuesday called for “promoting dialogue” in Ukraine, saying it was “very concerned” about the conflict which is “escalating and even spiraling out of control”. 

“We will continue to promote dialogue for peace (…) and work with the international community to promote dialogue and consultation, address the concerns of all parties and seek common security,” the minister said. Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang at a conference in Beijing.

These statements come after the Chinese government on Monday denied considering supplying arms to Russia to support its offensive in Ukraine, as stated by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The latter has has repeatedly indicated in recent days that he has shared his “concerns” about this with his counterpart Wang Yi, whom he met on Saturday evening in Munich, on the sidelines of the Security Conference.

“Any move by China to provide lethal support to Russia would only reward aggression, continue the killings and further undermine a rules-based order,” US Vice President Kamala Harris also warned. present in Munich.

The head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell estimated that a possible delivery of arms by China to Russia would constitute a “red line” for the European Union.


China, “very concerned” about the conflict in Ukraine, wishes « ;promote dialogue»

“Stop the fuss”

“We ask the countries concerned to stop throwing oil on the fire as soon as possible, to stop blaming China and to stop making a fuss by shouting + today Ukraine, tomorrow Taiwan +” , the Chinese Foreign Minister launched on Tuesday, referring to the territory claimed by China.

A few days before February 24, a year after the start of the Russian invasion, Western pressure is increasing. increases on China, which has never publicly supported or criticized the offensive, while repeatedly expressing its support for Moscow in the face of Western sanctions.

“The pressures and attempts to contain China, coming from outside, are growing stronger, they are getting worse and worse, and pose a serious threat to China's sovereignty and security,” he said. Qin Gang.

“We firmly oppose any form of hegemonism” and “the Cold War mentality and confrontation between sides, and we firmly oppose any outside interference in the internal affairs of China,” he added.

“China has always been on the path of peaceful development. It has never taken the initiative of a conflict or a war nor invaded an inch of land from another country,” insisted the minister.

On Saturday, China affirmed that she was going to make public in the coming days a proposal to find “a political solution” to the war in Ukraine.

Tuesday, the head of Chinese diplomacy Wang Yi is expected in Moscow, the last stage of a European tour that took him to France, Italy, Hungary and Germany.