China wanted to show US 'decline', says Sen. Marco Rubio

China wanted to show the “decline” of the United States, according to Senator Marco Rubio


Republican Senator Marco Rubio has claimed that China intentionally flew a spy balloon over the United States to send the message that America is in “decline,” according to the “New York Post”. 

“[The Chinese] did it on purpose,” Marco Rubio told ABC News. They knew he was going to be spotted, they knew the US government would have to release the information, that people were going to see him in the sky. And the message they were trying to send is what they believe internally: that the United States was once a superpower and the country is in decline.”

The Chosen One of the State of Florida does not believe China's excuses for justifying the balloon in American airspace. Rubio is demanding an explanation from the Biden administration as to why the balloon was not destroyed sooner.

“I would like to hear from military officials explain why this has not been addressed more early, he said. What were the options at that time?”

For his part, the elected Republican of Ohio, Mike Turner, deplored the lack of sense of urgency within the administration Biden. According to Turner, China wanted to obtain militarily important information.

“There is no excuse, he decided […]. They should have been prepared. Besides being unprepared, they seem to be thinking, 'Where is the ball going to go?' What are they trying to do? ””