Chinese Baidu will launch its own chatbot against ChatGPT

Chinese Baidu to launch its own chatbot facing ChatGPT


The Chinese internet giant Baidu announced on Tuesday the launch in the test phase of its own conversational robot based on artificial intelligence, after that of ChatGPT, the American software that unleashes passions.< /strong> 

In November, Californian start-up OpenAI launched ChatGPT, a conversational system capable of answering any question more or less accurately online. The app can also write novels or poems in seconds.

Artificial intelligence, presented as a technology of the future that will revolutionize the autonomy of machines and their interaction with humans, is the subject of growing interest.

But in the image from ChatGPT, these robots fascinate as much as they worry, between tools likely to spare humans tedious tasks and a threat to many jobs whose usefulness they could question.

A Baidu spokeswoman told AFP that the company “should be able to complete internal testing” of its chatbot in March. made “available to the general public” on an unspecified date, she said.

Baidu is to date the largest Chinese company to design a ChatGPT-type conversational robot.

This announcement caused its share price to jump by more than 15% in the morning on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, where the group is listed.

Based in Beijing, Baidu is the main search engine in China. But the group has launched in recent years in an all-out diversification.

It is already present in artificial intelligence, with the development of autonomous cars, but also in dematerialized computing ( “cloud”).

Supported in particular by Microsoft, ChatGPT is unleashing passions and its features are attracting the greed of Internet giants. Google announced on Monday that it is testing its own conversational robot, called Bard.