Chinese interference: parliamentary committee meeting on Tuesday

Chinese interference: parliamentary committee meeting on Tuesday< /p> UPDATE DAY

A parliamentary committee is meeting urgently on Tuesday to shed light on the Globe and Mail revelations that showed Chinese interference in the last election. 

“There are places where there have been evictions when you are caught doing this kind of action. Here in Canada, there were no consequences. We want to try to find out what the Prime Minister knew, when he knew it and why in Canada we seem to turn a blind eye to these allegations, which have been dragging on for several years,” said Luc Berthold of the Conservative Party of Canada.

In the eyes of writer and filmmaker Cheuk Kwan, the longer we wait before acting, the more space it gives China to act in Canada.

According to him, agents who work for China are well known in the community, but the community does not have the tools to reprimand them.

“I know that Prime Minister Trudeau prefers to avoid the problem. If nothing is done, China will do even more. On the ground, this is what we see every day, ”he told TVA Nouvelles.