Chinese “police stations”: illegal acts have indeed been committed

Chinese “Police Stations” té committed


Illegal acts were indeed committed in the alleged “Chinese police stations” and they required the intervention of the RCMP, our Bureau of Investigation has learned.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers have even recently carried out “disruptive activities” to put an end to it, a source in the office of federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino told us. 

The RCMP confirmed on Thursday that at present there are no more “police station” activities being carried out at the establishments that were reported in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

Only activities deemed “illegal” have been interrupted by the RCMP, and not the regular programming of these community centers which offer many social services to the Chinese diaspora, the office of Minister Mendicino has been informed.

“Certain activities the RCMP is investigating took place in locations where other legitimate services are – or were – provided to the Chinese-Canadian community […] The RCMP is continuing to investigate […] to ensure that Chinese Canadians and other Canadians are safe from foreign influence,” the RCMP wrote to us.

However, the police did not want to comment on the nature of the illegal acts observed since its investigation is still ongoing.

Demonstration on Friday

Last week, Minister Mendicino told the parliamentary committee that the RCMP had “taken decisive action to close” all “so-called police stations” on Canadian soil. 

This statement was contradicted by the director of the two Quebec community centers targeted by the RCMP investigation, Xixi Li. She said in a press release that the Sino-Quebec center on the South Shore, in Brossard, and the Service to the Chinese family in Greater Montreal were continuing their usual activities and had not received any request for closure from the RCMP.

Since our Bureau of Investigation revealed on March 9 that they were doing the subject of an RCMP investigation, the two establishments on Quebec soil insist that they have nothing to be ashamed of.

“Both organizations cooperated with the investigation and they did not refuse any request. There was no follow-up and no other communication”, decried Ms. Li, who is also a councilor for the City of Brossard, in a press release last week. 

In her last annual report tabled yesterday , the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) referred to Chinese “police stations,” saying it has documented cases where Canadian citizens and permanent residents have been threatened and intimidated, including in an attempt to force them to return to China. People's Republic of China. 

 Senator Yuen Pau Woo will host a press conference on Friday in support of the two centers at the Chinese Family Service of Greater Montreal. 

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