Chinese President promises Africa one billion anti-COVID doses

The Chinese president promises Africa one billion anti-COVID doses

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DIAMNIADIO | Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday pledged one billion doses of COVID vaccines to Africa, in the form of donations or support for local production.

“As part of the of the fight against COVID-19, China will provide Africa with one billion doses of additional vaccines, including 600 million in the form of donations and 400 million in other forms such as the establishment of production units of vaccines, ”he said in a remote intervention at the China-Africa Cooperation Forum (Focac).

The conference is being held as African countries work to kick start their economies hard affected by the pandemic. To achieve this, the organizers are counting on enhanced cooperation with China, the continent's largest trading partner.

Africa is severely behind in vaccination.

“We must continue the fight solidarity against COVID-19. We must prioritize the protection of our populations and close the vaccination gap, ”said the Chinese president.

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