Chinese scientists on Everest for the measure

Des scientifiques chinois sur l’Everest pour le mesurer

BEIJING | A group of surveyors chinese arrived Wednesday at the summit of mount Everest, an expedition which should enable them to precisely determine the height of the highest mountain in the world.

Under clear blue skies, the team of eight people has installed measuring instruments and open a champagne bottle, according to video broadcast by the chinese media.

The exact height of mount Everest, the summit of which straddles Nepal and China, is subject to debate in spite of several measurement campaigns in recent decades.

The last one for the China dates back to 2005 when the summit was measured to be 8844,43 meters, a figure that does not take into account the snow and ice which are found there, reminds us of the new China news agency.

Nepal has chosen to include the ice at the top and therefore considers that the Everest is four metres higher.

Scientists have wondered also if the seismic activity in the region, in particular the powerful earthquake of 2015 in Nepal, could have an influence on the height of the ” Roof of the world “.

After new China, the surveys will be carried out from the satellite navigation system Beidou, chinese equivalent of GPS. All the equipment of mapping is also of chinese conception and the measures to be supported by the use of the 3D.

The date of publication of the results is not known, but China and Nepal have agreed last year to do a joint announcement.

The expedition is part of the April 30, and was delayed twice by bad weather.

This is the first ascent of the era of the COVID-19, China and Nepal, who had suspended the shipments in march at the beginning of the spring season by fear of the epidemic.

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