Chinese spy balloon: the airspace of two American states partially closed

Chinese Spy Balloon: The Airspace of Two American States partially closed


Air traffic has been suspended at three airports in the southeastern United States as a “national security” measure, the American civil aviation regulator (FAA) announced on Saturday, amid controversy around of the presence of a Chinese balloon in the country's airspace. 

“The FAA has suspended departures and arrivals at Wilmington Airport (North Carolina), Myrtle Beach International Airport and Charleston International Airport (South Carolina) as part of a national security taken by the US Department of Defense,” she said in a statement.

According to US media, citing unnamed sources, Washington plans to shoot down the craft above of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Chinese balloon, which the Pentagon claims is a “spy” balloon, was observed over South Carolina on Saturday, media also reported.

The President American Joe Biden said earlier in the day that the United States would “deal” with this ball, without offering further details.

Then in the early afternoon, Mr. Biden, when asked by reporters if he was going to give the order to bring down the ball, replied by simply giving a thumbs up. 

This affair, which has put a damper on relations between Washington and Beijing, caused the postponement of a visit by the head of American diplomacy Antony Blinken to China.