Chinese step ahead of French gigolo and Vidocq: what to watch in the cinema this week

July 25 in theaters will have five new films

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Китайский шаг вперед, французский жиголо и Видок: что посмотреть в кино на этой неделе

A scene from the movie “Vidocq: the Ghost Hunter”

25 July 2019 in Ukrainian movie you can watch five new Prime Minister: the canadian Comedy French Comedy, Chinese drama, adventure picture, as well as Israeli Comedy.

We offer you to get acquainted with the latest films in our traditional selection of the film premieres of the week.

“The fall of the American Empire/How to launder a million”

Pierre-Paul moonlights as a courier, though, and owns a scientific degree. Once, delivering another parcel, he becomes a witness to a crime. The young man takes from the scene a fabulous sum of money. Pierre-Paul can’t decide what to do: to give money or to use them to solve personal financial problems. Many thoughts interrupt the bandits who are determined to get their money back, he is “under the hood” of the police. The output is spontaneous, and Pierre-Paul decides using the money to pull off a Grand Scam…

“French gigolo/Handsome with experience”

The main character Alex used to live at the expense of others. He has a very attractive appearance, and throughout his adult life he “works” a gigolo. For 25 years he lived with a very wealthy woman, much older than Alex. But she finds a gigolo younger, and Alex is out of work. He did not know how, and apparently not so attractive. Nothing better to do, a man goes to visit a sister who dislikes him a little. Together with his nephew Hugo they go in search of new elderly lady friend.

“Step up 6: the Year of dance”

China has over a billion different people, but some of them still have common interests. A group of young people from different social classes United to win the title of best dancer on the planet. If they knew nothing about each other, but now they have become a real family. Ahead of them a new movement. New stage. New battle. They are waiting for Beijing!

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“Vidocq: the Ghost Hunter”

Eugène françois Vidocq, the legendary French detective, the best in the profession in the nineteenth century. But first, Vidocq himself was a master criminal, subsequently, he was hired by the Napoleonic government to clean the streets from crime. He founded and headed the first-ever national security division, where he worked for twenty years. Part of the persecution equal Widoku was not, he was destined to become a real Emperor of the French capital.

“Straight under the cover/Giving a kick Shoshana”

Player AMI Shoshana has managed to meet a girl of a mafia boss. As punishment, Shoshana forced to announce himself as homosexual. This will be a real tragedy for a straight guy, because he will lose the respect of teammates and fans. At the same time, the guy suddenly becomes the hero of the gay community. Where will it all end?

Earlier, the company Marvel at this annual event Comic Con in San Diego revealed the secrets on the upcoming fourth phase of its kynoselen, which begins after “the Avengers”.

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