Chinese women in solidarity are caps

Des Chinoises solidaires font des bonnets

Several women in the chinese community of Montreal rallied for sewing caps, and medical masks for the “guardian angels” in order to put a stop to the discrimination experienced during the pandemic.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a period where we could talk about racism, let it go, Jocelyn Wang, coordinator at the canadian Institute social inclusion for immigrant parents (CISIIP). We was even afraid to wear the mask. “

Ms. Wang and the president of the CISIIP, Shannon XU, deplore acts of hate, racism and violence that people of asian origin have experienced during the pandemic.

On 15 June, a motion to denounce the situation has also been submitted to the city council of Montreal, by the independent advisor Marvin Rotrand.

Since 8 may, 1400 hats and 240 masks were made by 152 women from the chinese community in Montreal, and then delivered by volunteers in thirty health facilities in montreal.

This project launched by mesdames Wang and XU is called CAP-MTL.

“We have made a call to the community on the social network WeChat, an application very popular in China, details of Ms. XU. We did a survey among our friends the doctors and nurses. To our surprise, there were a lot of needs for caps. “

Mothers immigrant

These are mostly mothers immigrant women who are invested in the project.

Hong’s arrival in Montreal in 2002, is one of them. In China, her husband was a neurologist.

In Montreal, his son and his girlfriend are physicians residents. She considered that it was ” very important to do something to help the health system “. She sewed 80 hats.

Yvy Wei has immigrated to Quebec 20 years ago. She learned to sew at the age of 13 to help his mother in her business. His two children were born here.

She wanted to take advantage of his experience to stop this pandemic “. She has produced 100 hats and 200 masks.

Well protected

These women have stitched “for the cause” and have left nothing to chance to protect the front-line workers.

They have installed buttons to hats to hang the covers-faces, because the medical staff complained of pain in the ears, ” said Ms. XU.

Several volunteers are involved in CAP-MTL to improve the image of chinese people in Canada, according to a survey conducted by the CISIIP with 115 people from the chinese community in montreal.

This same poll indicates that a portion of the community believes that the attitude towards the Chinese has changed in Quebec as compared to before the COVID-19 (38 %).

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