Chips to meet the distancing physical

Des puces pour respecter la distanciation physique

A company of the Mauricie has developed tags that will ring, vibrate or light up, when two people do not meet the distancing physics of two metres.

Version pandemic the tag Kencee U2, a creation of the company in Three Rivers, Noovelia, can be worn on the belt like a pager.

When two tags are less than two metres away, they sound, vibrate, light up, or all three at once.

They can be used by employees of the factory, in particular.

“[With this setup], it is simply a warning of distance, for the distance physical, ” says Alain Lemieux, vice-president strategic development and acquisitions of the group Noovelia.

This version of the tag will be available in June, and 10,000 units are currently in production. Companies have already ordered for pilot projects, according to Mr. Lemieux.

Another way to use the tag would know that cross within a radius of less than two meters, and thus know who has been in contact with a person infected with the COVID-19, for example in a CHSLD.


Moreover, these tags were initially a goal of traceability, whether it be for equipment or people.

Paired with a GPS technology, it is possible to trace to 50 centimetres.

The company Héroux-Devtek employs nearly 2000 tags Noovelia for about a year at its plant in Longueuil, for the manufacture of landing gear for the aerospace market.

Between 5000 and 8000 production orders at the same time are managed. The tags can be used to link the parts to the instructions.

“We know where the room is, so when it occurs in the vicinity of a workstation, we can make appear the work instructions on the screen “, stresses Dominique Dallaire, vice-president for the eastern region of Héroux-Devtek.

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