Chiropractors remind us of the mistakes to avoid while moving

Les chiropraticiens rappellent les erreurs à éviter en déménageant

Two weeks of the great musical chairs of relocation in Quebec, the Association des chiropraticiens du Québec (ACQ) recalled the gestures to avoid in order to not get hurt.

Nearly 20% of Quebecers are injured during a move, mainly for injuries in the lumbar, lower back pains, body aches or a herniated disk.

For the ACQ, it is necessary to avoid too large boxes, lifting alone or without equipment for the large pieces, turning only the upper body or lean forward, knees straight, to take a box. We must also remember to warm-up, said the body.

The ideal, according to the ACQ, is to prefer the small boxes for the weight-balanced, fitted with cuffs.

To take a box, it is necessary to bend by bending the knees and back using only the legs. It is necessary to keep the box close to your body and avoid twisting of the upper body.

Take frequent breaks and stay hydrated, is added to the ACQ, taking care to pay special attention to hygiene measures to limit the risk of contamination of the COVID-19.

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