Chocolatine, the little sweetness of Josée Bournival

Chocolatine, Josée Bournival's sweet treat


Her real name is Chocolatine, aka Chococo. Find out how this little tabby cat who turned 5 last October managed to fool Josée Bournival.

1. What is the reason that led you to have this cat in your home?

I work from home and I wanted company at home. I was coming out of a depression and I wanted an affectionate cat. At the shelter, I fell in love with Chocolatine. She charmed me. She took her little paw out of the cage to touch me, then rolled onto her back. She was doing her “guidoune”. We came home with her.

2. Why this name?

When we adopted her, her name was Milik. We didn't like that name so we looked for another one as a family. It was my eldest, Clémentine, who chose the name Chocolatine. This represents her well, because it is a little sweetness that everyone loves. But it's a bit long, so we call it Chococo most of the time.

3. Are you more “cat” or “dog” and why?

More cat! I had a dog in my life. It is more difficult because of my lifestyle and my atypical schedules. A cat gives me the flexibility I need. I like cats. They have everything going for them: they are beautiful, aesthetic, soft, cuddly and not too demanding.

4. How would you describe Chocolatine?

She is a very cuddly little cat, very feline, both in her walk and in her attitude. She is very discreet in the sense that she does not meow or make noise. A real sweet treat! Chocolatine is also a player. She loves any baby that you wave at the end of a rope and a stick! It awakens the feline in her, the primitive instincts of the beast. She is very independent. She is the one who initiates the connections. She decides when we can take her for cuddles. 

5. Tell us a special fact about her.

She is able to climb a ladder like a human, rung by rung. She does it regularly to go in the children's bunk bed. She climbs the ladder, one leg at a time, then curls up on the pillow and sleeps peacefully.

6. Tell us about the time when…

She follows us when we walk. Once, we lost her that way. During two months! She got lost on the way. We put up posters everywhere, we searched for it on foot in every corner, compulsively. We were so scared. I never gave up hope and after two months and new posters a lady phoned us and gave us Chocolatine back. I was in tears when I went to pick her up. The reunion was intense. Now, when the children walk to school, we make sure that Chococo is in the house, otherwise she will follow them. We've been on our toes ever since.

7. What do you wish you had known before you got her?

Finally, she's not that affectionate, nor very clingy. I would have liked that. She gave me a glimpse of the opposite when she was adopted. I was fooled. Quite a rogue, the Chococo! But I love it so much!

8. How can she be a source of inspiration?

I think she's a little cat with an equal character all the time. She is serene, zen, calm, discreet. Her energy, very earthy and gentle at the same time, keeps me “grounded”, with both feet on the ground, as if she were saying to me: “Come on, Josée, breathe through your nose!” I love it so much!

About Josée Bournival

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