Christian Marc Gendron: the spotlight is finally on him

Christian Marc Gendron: the spotlight is finally for him

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It was 11:30 p.m. on a Sunday. The phone rings at Christian Marc Gendron's. At the end of the line, Ginette Reno. “Is it too late? I need to talk to you. I came across your imitation capsules, you give me chills, you have to write me a song. “

Ginette Reno is not unique. The public and several artists have fallen under the spell of the energetic pianist, imitator, singer and competitor of La Voix 2019.

Christian Marc Gendron is currently in demand as he does not never has been in his life.

“Le feu est pogné” exclaims the 45-year-old artist.

He composed songs for René Simard and Luce Dufault. He was the first name on Roch Voisine's guest list when the latter appeared on the concept show L’histoire de mes oiseaux.

At the time of our interview, he had sung every day for three weeks. Until Christmas, he will have no days off. The performances of his show Piano Man 2 , his appearances on TV, his capsules on the Paul Arcand program and the composition of the music for the series Lac-Noir , from Club illico, take all their time.

Like a Stanley Cup final

After almost a quarter of a century of practicing his profession as a musician in the shadows, Christian Marc Gendron is finally living his heyday. & Nbsp;

“I had the impostor syndrome for a long time, not because I didn't think I was good, but because I was a big fan of others. I stepped aside. Today, I am tempted to take my place, “says the one who finds himself immersed in the whirlwind of success.

“I understand a little what's going on in the minds of my friends like 2 Brothers, Matt Lang or Roxane Bruneau. It makes you dizzy to be in demand at this point. It's never happened to me, but I want to stay humble and enjoy it. I want to score . I am in the Stanley Cup final and I want to win the games . “

In the artistic community, his success makes people happy, he says.

“ Two weeks ago, I did Live from the 'universe by Louis Morissette. After the show, Véro and Louis gave me a hug, telling me they were proud for me. Roch Voisine told me: it's your turn Christian Marc, enjoy it, you've waited long enough. Sylvain Cossette texting me, France D’Amour too. I was everyone's pianist. Today, everyone I have accompanied is proud. And that makes me proud to have the support of the public, but also that of my colleagues. “

A salutary pandemic

Christian Marc Gendron believes it was the pandemic that turned the tide in his favor. The release at the end of 2020 of the Christmas album he recorded with his wife Manon Séguin, with the support of Mario Pelchat, who had noticed his performances live on Facebook, was a turning point.

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“This album changed our lives, we talk about it all the time. Then I launched my imitation pods on YouTube and the phone rang. “

He couldn't get over it, he who was just looking to stay active in confinement. “I was just doing that so as not to grab the donut from our house.” The pandemic has been super beneficial to me. I worked super hard and I’m reaping the rewards. “

Advice from Verville

That’s not all. Last summer he released an album of original songs, A New Spring . Then, he decided to add imitations in Piano Man 2 , a show where he revisits several great hits of pop music from the 1970s to today.

To improve his imitations of Elton John , Billy Joel and the other stars he admires, he brought in subject matter expert Pierre Verville.

His insightful advice was helpful, but not as much as his witticisms. & Nbsp;

“He gave me a lot of confidence because he found me good. It gave me gas. “& Nbsp;

Christian Marc Gendron presents his show Piano Man 2 from December 8 to 10, at Cabaret du Casino de Montréal, and on December 16 and 17, at the Théâtre Capitole de Québec.

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