Christophe Beaugrand and her husband Ghislain dads of a baby boy : find out his first name

Christophe Beaugrand et son mari Ghislain papas d'un petit garçon : découvrez son prénom

Christophe Beaugrand and her husband Ghislain dads of a baby boy : find out his first name

After a wedding, in all discretion, Christophe Beaugrand and Ghislain Gérin became the happy dad of a little boy on November 9, 2019. The moderator of the battle of the couples 2 and her husband have had recourse to a surrogate mother, Whitney, an American 29-year-old. All three tell each other on this great adventure.

It is excellent news that were announced by Christophe Beaugrand and her husband Ghislain Gérin in the magazine Gala this Thursday 28 November 2019 : they have expanded their family with a baby, a little boy named Valentin. The bundle of joy was born at 5: 30 am in Las Vegas on November 9, the last of the GPA : “We prepared for so long. I dream to be a dad since I was very young. I have a fibre paternal very strong. But being gay, I said that this would probably be impossible, “says the ex-host of Secret Story.

The baby of Christophe Beaugrand and Ghislain born of a surrogate mother

Well, this was finally possible thanks to Whitney, the surrogate mother who gave birth to Valentine’s day : “The feeling is passed from our first discussion through Skype, otherwise, we would not have continued with it (…) What was important to us, it is that it may be someone with whom we can keep in touch because most of the donors remain anonymous. It was Valentine’s day can know all the stages of design“, explains Christophe Beaugrand and Ghislain.

The couple actually kept in contact with this American of 29 years, mom of three girls, since it is “now part of our family,” : “It is a cousin of America that will remain in our hearts. We wished to present the woman which has allowed us to become a dad.

Whitney is also expressed in the pages of Gala : “It’s wonderful to help someone create a family. I would not have been able to meet a better couple than Christophe, and Ghislain. It was wonderful to see them welcome their son. I am sorry that everyone does not have the open mind to the FAM (…) to Be a surrogate mother, this is not only during the pregnancy. This is a durable link that connects our two families.

“The formalities to welcome Valentine’s day we have taken two years”

The presenter of the battle of The couples 2, and Ghislain tell then that not everything has been easy for Valentine’s day : “It is a course of the fighter, it is tiring, stressful. The formalities to welcome Valentine’s day we have taken two years. We had started the process before our wedding. But we were so motivated that we were ready to move mountains (…) The harder it is when the press announced that they were going to be dads. The hype that followed and the attacks on networks were very complicated to live.

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