Christopher Lloyd at Comic Con Ukraine told about his favorite movie

“Dr. Emmett brown” has published a photo from Kiev

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Кристофер Ллойд на Comic Con Ukraine рассказал о своем любимом фильме

Doc from “Back to the future” published a photo from Kiev

Christopher Lloyd from the famous franchise Back to the future, trapped in the ranking of the most popular films, attended Comic Con 2019 Ukraine. During a speech at the festival this Saturday, September 21, the actor told the Ukrainians about their favorite movie and met with the droid from “Star wars.”

Why a silent movie is becoming popular, find out in the story:

“Doc” arrived in Kyiv on September 21. The actor posted on the social network a few fotogorafii with a stroll through the capital of Ukraine. Already at the festival Christopher Lloyd met the famous character of “Star wars” robot R2-D2, than bragged to his followers.

“Everyone’s favorite Doc met everyone’s favorite droid”, – has signed a frame artist.

During communication with the host and visitors to Comic Con Ukraine 2019 Christopher Lloyd told a lot of interesting things, including about my favorite movie franchise “Back to the future”.

One of the fans asked the actor to call the best part of the trilogy. “I think that my favorite movie was the third part. It was very interesting to work in an environment of the Wild West. I had to ride on horses and working with steam engines, and the doctor appeared a love story, which was lacking in the films,” said 80-year-old actor.

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