Chrome will get a Golden opportunity in may

Google has developed a technology for Chrome, which will help reduce Internet traffic by up to 98%

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 09:20

Chrome получит потрясающую возможность в мае

Now this technology is available in the beta version of Chrome Canary

The Chrome browser get new technology to compress Internet traffic. According to the technical team leader Google Chrome ADDY Osmani, the innovation will be based on functions, lazy loading, which will reduce the bandwidth consumption by 98%. The innovation will appear in the may release Chrome 74.

The technology lazy loading lies an alternative way of loading web pages. When you open the website, all content (text, images, frames and other elements) will be loaded as you view it. Roughly speaking, the boot is not the whole website, but only what the user sees – the rest will load as you scroll.

Chrome получит потрясающую возможность в мае

The technology of “lazy loading” in Chrome 74

To demonstrate operation of functions the company has published a screenshot, which shows that the page with lots of photos in normal mode, downloaded 10 MB and in the new regime is only 250 KB.

First technology wanted to use exclusively on mobile devices, but it needed decided to move on computers and laptops running Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. Now this technology you can try out the beta version of Chrome Canary.

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Recall that previously, Google promised to make mobile Chrome “superfast”. At the same time, Microsoft asks you not to use Internet Explorer.

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Chrome получит потрясающую возможность в мае

Chrome получит потрясающую возможность в мае

Chrome получит потрясающую возможность в мае


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