CHSLD: a photo of the troubling arouses indignation on the social networks

CHSLD: une photo troublante suscite l'indignation sur les réseaux sociaux

The ministry of Health has launched an investigation after the publication on social networks of a photo “disturbing” for a woman to recipients in a ltc facility in the company of a patient who died.

On the image published on Wednesday, one could read: “Tser kand your patient is deceder, but that taatende. #fucklecovid”, written by the author of the photo in a bad French, to express dissatisfaction with the situation.

The photo sparked outrage on social networks, and the image was not slow to be reported to some of the former employers of the beneficiaries attendant (PAB), such as Side Gardens and the Group Vilar. Of users, who denounced the lack of respect to the dignity of man, reported the shocking photo of these two employers, believing that the COP was still in their employment, according to information that was on the LinkedIn profile of the young woman.

“We saw it this morning. Of the people we have arrested. We did an intervention with the police service, but there is no material lawsuit or other proceeding. We did not see the face of the person, this is what we have mentioned,” says Martin Pouliot, a principal shareholder for the Group Vilar.

It has not been possible to find the residence where the picture was taken. The author of the publication has closed his account Facebook after the publication of the photo.

The Journal decided not to publish the photo. It has not been possible to get in touch with the author of the publication.

The ministry of Health (MSSS) has been seised of the story and has confirmed to conduct an investigation on the origin of the photo. It is not possible, for the moment, to confirm that the man on the photo is actually dead, and what is the cause of her death, if applicable.

“For the MSSS, this photo was true or a bad joke, it is a situation extremely troubling. Without detour, the MINISTRY strongly condemns this act that is evidence of a great lack of empathy and judgment,” said Robert Maranda, door-to-speech.

Audits are underway in collaboration with the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale and the installation concerned, ” continues the spokesperson.

“Up to now, these checks allow us to learn that the employee in question worked in the private CHSLD non-contracted on the Garden Side and that she was fired in 2017. The direction of the CHSLD assures us that this photo was not taken within its facilities,” says Maranda.

The MSSS indicates that the author of the publication shall be liable to penalties and charges potential.

For its part, the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec, which ensures the protection of the private life, believes that this gesture was “unacceptable”.

“It was not his place as a worker in the field of health is allowed to do that,” says the spokesperson Isabelle Gosselin.

The spokesperson also added that the Commission will follow up on this that will be the employer of the young woman, in connection with these events.

The Newspaper decided not to publish the photo.

It has not been possible to get in touch with the author of the publication.


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