CHSLD: a second cohort of 2000 candidates will follow the course this fall

CHSLD: une deuxième cohorte de 2000 candidats suivra le cours cet automne

QUEBEC | A second cohort of over 2000 candidates for the position of attendants in CHSLDS will start the accelerated training of the government of Quebec this fall.

These, most of which have been recruited through the web site “I can help”, are already working in the network. At the end of their training, they will join the approximately 9800 candidates selected by the government who have made this summer.

At a press conference on Monday, the prime minister, François Legault, said the addition of this second cohort by the fact that the government was not willing to “lose” this workforce this summer, so that the needs are still substantial in a CHSLD.

“You’re going to tell me, 9800 more 2000 it gives more than 10 000. Well, if you have more than 10 000, so much the better. But it is not impossible that a number of people, or fail the course, or they feel that it is not their place of work in a ltc facility”, he explained.

“So the idea is to be sure to have at least 10 000 trained,” added Mr. Legault.

In addition, the curriculum vitae of 1700 candidates not retained by the government for its accelerated training have been transferred to private residences, he stated.

Quebec has given itself the challenge of training 10 000 attendants to recipients by the 15th of September in order to meet the need for manpower in a CHSLD, an issue central to the fight to the COVID-19, as has often reminded us François Legault.

The candidates selected for the accelerated training of three months put in place by the government must commit to work for a year in the health network.

At the time of their hiring, they will be entitled to an annual salary of $49,000.

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