CHSLD: abandoned residents in the blind spot

CHSLD: abandoned residents in the blind spot

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Ahead of the first wave of the pandemic, the Legault government and its Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) duly prepared the hospitals. The problem is that they neglected to do it for the CHSLDs, yet highly vulnerable on all fronts.

Filed yesterday, the damning report of the Ombudsperson confirms this in detail. . Marie Rinfret writes it in black and white. In early 2020, unlike British Columbia, Quebec CHSLDs “were not taken into account by any scenario”. NONE. & Nbsp;

Their residents found themselves abandoned in the blind spot of the blind spot that our CHSLDs already were.

Ms. Rinfret's report harshly contradicts the testimony given before the inquest of Coroner Géhane Kamel by the former Minister of Health Danielle McCann, her former deputy minister and the boss of public health, Horacio Arruda.

They all said that from the end of January 2020, the CEOs of the CIUSSS and CISSS had been “warned” to “prepare” the CHSLDs for a possible pandemic. However, until proven otherwise, this is not true. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

In February of this year, François Legault, in an interview with La Presse , himself swore that he had known nothing before March about the storm which was brewing: “In February [2020], I did not think , and I didn't have the information, that it was going to be of that magnitude. […] I was not informed of the risk until March 9. “


Difficult to be clearer. Even the “crisis cell”, nestled at the top of the government to manage the pandemic, will not be created until March 2020. & nbsp;

If the Prime Minister had not been “informed” before March 2020, how can we believe that the CIUSSS were “warned” to prepare as early as January 2020? & Nbsp;

The scale of the deadly disaster in Isn't the first wave the first proof in the file of the heartbreaking lack of preparation for CHSLDs ahead of the crisis? & nbsp;

In mid-April, to push the MSSS to initiate the inspection of CHSLDs, we even had to wait for the shock report by journalist Aaron Derfel on the horrible conditions and the multiple deaths at the Herron residence. & Nbsp;

Indeed, this catastrophe was the perfect reflection of a deep problem. A political, cultural and organizational problem. & Nbsp;

Political, because the MSSS and Public Health ignored the CHSLDs. Cultural, because the neglect of vulnerable people, the elderly with loss of autonomy or disabled adults, has been rife here for many years. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Organizational, because the ultracentralizing reforms of Gaétan Barrette, including the creation of the mega CIUSSS and CISSS, have given birth to a network that is more dysfunctional than ever. & Nbsp;

Gangrenous network

A network plagued by hospitalocentrism. By disempowering senior managers, too far removed from the real world on the “ground” to really deal with it. Through the increasing dehumanization of care and services of which it is the direct product. & Nbsp;

In this insane house, deficient communications and information also seriously undermined the handling of the first wave. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

In early 2020, this combination of a cranky bureaucratic juggernaut, d he lazy public health and a poorly informed or poorly informed government was a disaster in the CHSLDs. & nbsp;

Let us repeat it. On behalf of the thousands of women and men here who have died of COVID-19 in atrocious conditions, we need a broad public inquiry. & Nbsp;

We must also undo the Barrette “reforms” and replace them with a decentralized, humanist, flexible network focused on the quality of services and care. & nbsp;

We need to take better care of vulnerable Quebecers. No one is safe from being a part of it. Now or someday. Person. & Nbsp;

CHSLD: des r & eacute ; abandoned residents in the blind spot

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