CHSLD Cloutier-du-Rivage: weeks before a protection strategy

CHSLD Cloutier-du-Rivage: des semaines avant une stratégie de protection

THREE-RIVERS | it was Several weeks before a strategy for the protection of personnel be adopted at CHSLD Cloutier-du-Rivage, Trois-Rivières, where the COVID-19 has caused dozens of casualties.

The virus arrived in this CHSLD at the end of April. Since then, one in two residents has been infected, and 48 patients have died after being infected by the coronavirus.

Yet, despite the lessons learned from the CHSLD Laflèche in Shawinigan, where a previous outbreak was also caused dozens of casualties, the health authorities have been slow to put in place a strategy. It was not until 17 may that the CIUSSS of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec applies the CHSLD Cloutier-du-Rivage the strategy used in hospital, is to place greater emphasis on the protection of the staff, more likely to spread the virus.

The effects were noticed as early as the following week. The number of new cases has decreased significantly in residents and employees.

“It is sure that there is a burden, a heaviness that cause problems like we saw today. For example, for the uniform, the employees received two weeks after the first cases,” said Marie-Line Séguin, vice-president of the FSSS-CSN.

Teams have been added on the ground to see to the protection measures.

Employee screening has also been enhanced and is now done to five days.

Twenty-five workers of the CHSLD Laflèche have been called in reinforcement Cloutier-du-Rivage in recent weeks to maintain care. They will work a minimum of five days in the CHSLD de Trois-Rivières.


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