CHSLD Laflèche: employees wait for their bonuses

CHSLD Laflèche: des employés attendent leurs primes

SHAWINIGAN | workers of the CHSLD Laflèche, who have not received bonuses promised have wanted to be heard on Thursday, in front of the centre of accommodation in Shawinigan.

A portion of the amounts announced by the government of Quebec has not yet been paid. Other employees received bonuses that they had to repay. The employer has withdrawn directly from their paycheck.

However, the staff of the CHSLD Laflèche delivered a hard battle. For nearly two months, the virus has spread throughout the facility, infecting 107 residents and 84 workers. There have been 44 deaths in connection with the coronavirus, in the last few months, in the CHSLD.

A petition is circulating also in respect of the premiums. The workers require to have a right to the premium COVID, retroactive to march 19, the date where the outbreak began.

Édith Lafrenière, an agent for the beneficiaries who ended up in a coma after having contracted the coronavirus in the work, came to support his colleagues. She also challenged the first minister of Quebec.

“In the world like me who has spent so close to dying… if it doesn’t solve the problem, there will be others”, she said.

The workers are demanding better conditions and a wage increase. The employees are getting impatient.

The outbreak has ended since June 10, the CHSLD Laflèche.


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